The fun games we play…

I wanted to keep our letters fun and interesting so I slipped in a few question games.

They are called Guilty or Not guilty and Turn on and Turn offs.

They makes me smile and laugh, I’m just gonna post a few of ours up.


  1. Do you dream about making hot sex with me in your cell? Guilty
  2. Have you drove the wrong way on a one way street? Guilty
  3. Have you had a manicure?  Not Guilty
  4. Have you cheated before? Not Guilty
  5. Do you sing in the shower? Guilty

(The first 5 questions are by me, and he answered them. The next 5 are his questions)

  1. Do you think about me licking you all day? SO Guilty! Bring me to jail LOL
  2. Have you ever touched yourself in public? ummm Not guilty
  3. Do you really want to marry me? YES!!! GUILTY!
  4. Do your farts smell bad? Nooo! Not guilty! Girls don’t fart!
  5. Can you really wait for me to have sex? Yes! Guilty! I’m doing this time with you.

(My Questions again)

  1. Do you really love me? Very guilty! More than words can say.
  2. Do you talk to other girls? NOT GUILTY! it’s only you beautiful 
  3. Did you jerk off to me this week? Fuck yes guilty everyday lol
  4. Have you been caught jerking off? lol Not guilty
  5. Did you ever tell me a white lie? Not guilty I’ll never lie to you ever

We are starting to get explicit here!!Anyways I’ll leave our turn on and turn off game to your imaginations. But I thought I would share a fun game we play back and forth besides the sweet mushy love letters I get every week.

Have a great weekend! I need to try and get some homework done.



The waiting game

I’m getting so excited because my baby only has 7 more months left in prison!!!!! I seriously can’t wait til he’s free and home with me. I just hope that he doesn’t have to go to a halfway house but I have to always remember that he will most likely have to go there first. Which kinda sucks but I know it’s a reality. I just really miss him alot.

He called us on Halloween right before the kids were gonna go out trick or treating. They were so happy to hear from him. He was talking to my little man and I actually heard him say I love you. Awhhhh. That was so sweet. My boyfriend is suppose to call me again today! I get really anxious waiting for him to call, and it really distracts me from the work I’m suppose to be doing at home. I miss our phone calls everyday, I just hope they move him out of the hole soon. He’s been there since the end of August! I can’t believe that it’s November already and he’s still there.

This life you need to learn how to be patient, it was something I wasn’t that good at, especially with men. I got better at it once I was with my boyfriend.

I love my man and I wouldn’t trade him in for the world! I was thinking for Christmas of getting a tattoo that symbolizes our relationship. He already got one, I’m just trying to figure out where I want to put it.


Love Letters

October 13 2012

Hello My Love

I just came back from our visit and let me say, Oh my God you’re so fucking beautiful. Wow girl you are a fox. I’m one lucky man to have you as my babygirl. So tomorrow we will get to kiss. I’m counting the time until then my sweet. I must confess all day when we were talking I was just thinking… I can’t wait to make love to you! lol. Baby I love you girl. You are my real life dream come true. xoxo

Love The Boyfriend

(This was after we had a 6 hour closed visit)

October 14 2012

Hey Beautiful

I love you so much girl. We had a beautiful day together. You make me so happy. I got to kiss and hug you and hold you all day. We had our own space to chill, it was so nice my love. You are so fucking beautiful, I love holding you babe.

Love The Boyfriend

(This letter was after our contact visit. I miss him! )

Love Letters 08.23.2012

I was just thinking how hot you are and how lucky I am to have you as my girl. Babe you do make world’s collide just like the song says, so tell me how do you do, finally I met you.

You don’t know what I’ve been through waiting and wondering about you. I’ve dreamed so many dreams about you and now I know Paradise. Baby I need your love like the sunshine and don’t you forget beautiful you’re the one who makes me smile.

I need to have you in my life forever. You never have to question my love for you, cause girl you know it’s true. I love you.

Just always know you are the one for me.